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 That which is  you- doesn't have to be worked.
It happens just by your will.
You don't have to, laboriously, use your left arm to pick up your right and then manipulate the fingers to turn the TV on
Hardly have you thought it and automatically your legs have taken you there and your hands suo-moto have done it whilst you think about what you want to watch.

So how can it be possible that something even more intrinsic then your body.. Something even more "yourself" then your physical heart (which can be cut away and another given without you ceasing to be yourself) be under someone else's control?
Is it really possible that your emotions depend upon someone? Upon something?
Or is it much more likely that you are lieing to yourself...
That, in fact, you don't need to do anything please anyone in order to be happy. That it's not possible for someone to make you feel anything whatsoever. That you have been brainwashed and that is the only reason you are not at this moment bursting with the joy you would naturally feel if you kept your emotions the way you yourself like then to be. 
This is the moment woman! Move away from lies and self deceit and start unpacking and dissolving anything within youraelf that tells you that you are both object and subject.. That you have to act upon yourself either directly or by using the world in order to "make yourself" be the way you want to be.
Such lies never made anyone happy



November 2016


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