Then this guy who got sick went to the doctor. and the dude got totally upset when the doctor tried to make him like the doctor was- healthy!
He says what you dont think this is serious??!!

You think thats funny? How come when you are telling your troubles to somebody you want them to get upset!
Then there was this dentist who complained that all the people who came to her were so rude - you know, they didn't even reply when she made small talk to them while working inside their mouths...

You think that's funny? Why do you expect someone to be honest when you keep pushing yourself onto them?
Then there was this guy who was feeling thirsty. Now he wasn't a lazy good for nothing lay about, not he! So he decided to do something about it- he went to the river and filling bucket after bucket he threw water all around the room. Then when the water drained away, he went and did it again!
And for the life of him, he couldn't understand why he remained thirsty!!

You think thats funny? How come your busy fixing the outside when the unhappiness is inside?
He had been taught that things were beautiful or ugly, and so he hated mirrors and tried his best to replace every mirror he came across with a portrait; for a mirror showed him as he really was, but he saw himself as ugly. The only trouble was that everybody else was busy doing the same, and so wherever he tried to put his beautified portrait somebody else came and put up theirs.

You think thats funny? How come you try and change people who show you that you are jealous and unhappy.
A new nation had not yet realized the dangers of capitalism, and so had not passed many necessary laws. One amongst them was the "best before" law, which required all goods sold to have expiry dates printed on them.
Naturally all the expired medicines and rotting packaged food containers found their way in. And the people wondered why the medicine they ate to get better made them worse, and the food they relied upon made them sick.

You think thats funny? You think the words you hold against yourself and others don't have an expiry date?
So this guy tells a joke and then gets really upset when people laugh. When asked why he says what the hell its MY joke why should they enjoy it!?

You think thats funny? Why do YOU not want people enjoying whats yours?
I get out of the merc Vuitton shades in place, black Armani, Coachs leading the way, Dangling from my arm; Satya Paul, Zaveri with Jimmy Chous heels and still...
still this street urchin guy thing, wearing rags and with dirt in his hair.. he. HE! has a bigger more beautiful smile!!

-- Found in the "Reason for visit" Column of one of the cities leading Plastic Surgeons patient register.

You think thats funny? Well... so do I. :)
A man used to work as a whitewasher, and so was always covered with white dust. For some reason he never thought about this, and so whenever anyone offered him food and drink, he always complained that it was bitter. The dust spilled into the food you see.

You think thats funny? What thinking have you added to reality that makes it bitter for you?

Credits: Inspired by Anthony De Mello's talks.
Ahmad was enemies with Mustafa and Husain, and so Ahmed decided that he must poison both of them. He went and got two humidifier which released slow acting poisons in the air.
Once he got them, he installed them in his own house, in a position such that they could be seen from the window. He also put two placards around them stating in big bold letters "FOR MUSTAFA", and "FOR HUSAIN" respectively.
Seeing this, Mustafa got offended, and went and got his own poisonous humidifier and installed it in his own house, with a placard around it saying "FOR AHMAD".
Husain, on seeing the humidifier in Ahmad's house, burst out laughing. Of course this made Ahmad even more mad, so he bought one more poisonous humidifier and installed it in his own house with another placard: "FOR HUSAIN".

And Ahmad and Mustafa and all their guests and friends and family, slowly got poisoned.

You think thats funny? Where do you keep your hate, rage and resentment?

ETA: "and resentment" and the Subject.