All these things you do
could you live without?

you already know this is true
You keep doing these things
and blaming things not done
for your dissatisfaction
always restless
actively seeking things to do
places to improve
people to change
Simply because you are afraid.

Afraid of what you think you are
And so your thinking keeps pinching you
as if every time you went to sit down
you punched yourself
and now afraid of pain,
keep looking for excuses
to avoid relaxation.

Why are you so afraid
of being a failure
which you have assumed a person is
unless he has a million dollars
or fits these words
'good', 'kind', and 'hardworking'.

Afraid of being alone
as if the demons
which the bullies
God/society/parents/friends and teachers
told you
are always watching
will come and eat you
if you remain as you are
without constantly striving to achieve or become
that which they told you to.

Afraid of silence
as if you might accidentally hear
those things you don't want to think
of your own dissatisfaction with the way you are.

Boredom is just an excuse
to distract yourself from the lies causing ill-feeling
you have accepted as the truth

Simply give up
and see the truth
no matter what you do
the way you feel
is determined by what you think.
What need to do then?
before you let yourself feel good?
Let someone else carry the burden
of value systems insisting that you become someone else
And anger
and heartbreak
that you were not given that which you don't need in the first place.

All these things you pursue
could you live without?

You know this, you really do.
you already know this is true
Your anger is but a disguise
extra energy generated
to help you cover up
the naked truth
of your helplessness

Its the shape your inability takes
to hid the simple fact-
You are not the boss.
Nobody died and made you king.

And when other people
use their own brains and egos'
to move their own hands and tongues
in their own shapes and sounds; words
which you don't want...
My! See the fear
of helplessness.

The visible manifestation
of your own secret fears
that other people determine how you feel
but you don't, can't determine how they act,
how they speak.
The age old hurt that you make yourself act
in the way they, those living and those dead, taught you too...

How long
will you remain
a prisoner of your own mind?

See how helpless you are
how powerless to force
everybody to do what you want
AND LIKE IT, to like you.

And see how helpless they are
that you yourself wield the whip
conforming in order to buy
good will.

Then perhaps,
if you allow your fears to surface
you may also notice
that the only reason it is important
that they do what you want
is because you have decided it is.
That the only reason for you to conform
is that they have taught you to.

Then you will be free
having left others to behave as they will
you won't impose or accept conditions upon yourself
and Now that others are powerless
to make you change yourself
you will see that they too
HAVE left you free to be yourself
(whatever they might say or believe)
And lo behold!
From deep within you emerge
The endless streams of love and affection
the endless streams and rivers
flowing forever flowing.

You know this, you really do.



November 2016



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